“Working with Dave at Fit Golf Performance Center has been a great addition to my training. After an evaluation of my physical condition as well as my golf swing, Dave laid out a plan to for me to challenge my weaknesses, and reach my goals. If you are looking for a tailored workout to better your golf game, Fit Golf Performance Center is where it starts.”

Nick Antonelli
PGA Tour Canada 2012


I can’t believe it, to think that only 18 months ago I had 2 major back surgeries back to back and am now hitting my driver over 300 yards is amazing! Although I have been working with a Class A PGA pro on my swing mechanics, I know your program was the only way my body could achieve these goals. I especially want to thank you for your dedication and constant feedback. When I started the FitGolf program I
was more skeptical than anything. I thought the pelvis therapy and “homework” was a joke, especially being at a high fitness level before coming in to do your assessment. 

Things changed rapidly once I started following your program though. I felt like I was hardly doing  anything, but my flexibilty and mobility in my golf swing changed almost overnight it seemed. I was also suprised at how quickly my club head speeds started going up from just “laying on the floor”…haha.  Consequently, after only 3 months I have increased my driver club head speed by 15mph and hit the ball 40-50 yards further. What really blows my mind is how effortless if feels to hit the ball 290-300 yards!!!

With that being said, I want to touch on something that is FAR more important that hitting a golf ball… my health. After my back surgeries I couldn’t sleep and had trouble walking for long periods. I used to run a 5 min. mile and was told by multiple doctors I would never be able to do that again. I must say it feels so  nice to be stronger, better balanced and in better shape than I was prior to my surgeries. Not to mention how incredible it is to know that I can sleep without pain for 7-9 hours a night (vs. 3-4 post surgery/physical therapy) and wake up without any pain! Your knowledge and attention to detail are directly responsible for that–and I want you to know that I am forever in your debt for my improved quality of life.

I know you are a modest man, but know that you have changed my life forever…thank you!


Jeremy R. White
Member, B.A.G.S.
Waltham, MA


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